Construction Fasteners Testimonials

Dillon Construction Fasteners is the best in the business - you ring, we bring, our service is unsurpassed.

Here are some testimonials to prove it!

Ben Turner / Hickory

Dillon Construction Fasteners (DCF) have adapted and evolved with an ever demanding Construction industry. It doesn't matter how big or small, or how random our request might be, Jeff and the Team of DCF are there to deliver. Response time is pivotal when it comes to getting the job done and Jeff has the knowledge of the products to ensure the task is delivered as efficiently as possible.

John James / Joven Building Services

I am pleased to say over the last 17 years Dillon Construction Fasteners have provided us with exceptional on site service and product and technical requirements, with a fast and efficient service every time. JBS take great pleasure in recommending The D.C.F team to other business/ persons requiring their knowledge and product expertise.